We are a small but highly experienced team. Our previous experience has been everything from building highly scalable and fault tolerant systems for the Swedish banking industry which handles a vast amount of users/transactions to creating apps and websites. Our main competence is however building awesome (yes, that means scalable, fault tolerant, easily maintainable etc etc) backends, feel free to ping us for added awesomeness.


Erik 'Happi' Stenman

PhD in Computer Science from Uppsala University.

Former CTO of Klarna. Built the Software Engineering Department from scratch in 2005 to about 80 people in 2010.

Fullstack hacker (asm, C, Erlang, Scala, Java, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS)
Tobias Lindahl
Chief Architect and Lead Developer

Master of Science in Engineering Physics from Uppsala University.

Former member of Klarna's Technical Advisory Board and Architect group.

Backend hacker (Erlang, sh, JavaScript)
Peter Elsayeh

Master of Science in Computer Science and a Master's Degree in Business Administration from Mittuniverstet i Sundsvall.

Former project manager and Head of Development at Klarna and other companies in Stockholm and Berlin.

Genaral hacker (Erlang, Python, sh)


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